Ball machines 2020

So what’s new with ball machines in 2020? Old favourites continue Tennis Tutor are reliable and slightly old Skool but that’s a good thing! I have used my Tutor Plus Player machine for years and its taken some abuse over the years but still works perfectly!

Tennis Tutor have some great machines that are proven and reliable starting with the Cube and Prolite models a great way to start your tennis with a basic ball machine.

If its features you are after then the Lobster range with satisfy your needs. From the Elite 2 upwards you get great ball speeds, both horizontal and vertical oscillation, heavy top spin and back spin as well. The higher Grand series models get player profiles replicating a Base-liner, Moon-baller, Lefty, Grinder, the list goes on! Certainly look at these machines if your tennis level is intermediate or advanced.

Other machines you should consider are Mains only machines. If you are lucky enough to have your own tennis court or are a tennis club and wish to hire it out to your members (becoming increasingly popular) then mains is the way to go! Tennis Tutor are the leaders in mains only machines and they are excellent value too. Check out the Tennis Tower range!

Other machines that you should consider are Spinfire Pro 2, a great machine from Australia! Very well built and fully featured. This machine has internal oscillation which allows the machine to fire left to right without the machine actually moving, very clever!

Spinshot is another make (Green machines) which are good value for money for those on a tight budget! Not quite in the other makes league but you get what you pay for.

As always please give us a call for helpful friendly advice. I am a professional tennis coach and I use a ball machine for much of my coaching so I am in a great position to guide you to the best machine for your needs.

Graham in our service department does the servicing work, we have good stocks of parts and a great range of new and lightly used machines for sale. No need to send your machine back to the USA for service work! why spend £250 each way to send your machine back to Lobster or Tutor? Call us for a simple service or if your machines has an issue!

Part exchange is another way of giving up your old machine (working or not!) and getting a new machine with the features you want to help your game this year!

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