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I specialise in repair, parts, batteries, servicing, new machines, used machines, demo days, help and advice.

Ball machines at Tennis coaching kent

If you have a ball machine I have been using, selling, servicing and repairing them for over 25 years.

Batteries are the most common issue with them as people sometimes forget to plug them in and over the course of a few weeks the batteries drain.

Other issues I find are ball fluff, every month I throw bags of the stuff away! You have to be very careful removing it as it can stick to the electrical components. The rollers are a less common issue that need replacing, although after a while the wheel surface can smooth off and need roughing up with a piece of rough sandpaper.

I offer a FREE collection and return service in Kent further afield at cost. I will also buy your used ball machine, working or not!   Call Nick 07890 290528

Please see my servicing prices below:

Ball machine pricesPlease contact me for help and advice in buying a tennis ball machine, if you are a tennis club or have your own private court I regularly demonstrate machines with absolutely no obligation to buy. Let me show you which machine would be most suitable for you and your tennis!

Why buy a used tennis ball machine?

Tennis ball machines tend to be expensive new so like buying a new car if you decide not to use after a while and then store in the garage, when you come to sell it the used value will have dropped considerably on the new price. Buying a good used machine, like my machines that have been properly serviced and with new batteries etc are much more sensible way of buying a ball machine. If after one year you decide its not for you then your loss with be minimal. In fact I have bought back quite a few machines over the years. I give a 3 month guarantee on all the used machines I sell and I offer free delivery in Kent. Contact me now – Nick 07890 290528

Ball machines at Tennis coaching kent2

All used ball machines are fully serviced plus new batteries, wiring loom and rollers if needed and supplied with a new battery charger/conditioner in addition I offer a 3 month guarantee. I can offer delivery at cost (usually around £20 depending on model) If you are not too far away collection if preferred (or I can deliver for you) then you can see the machine working and avoid any issues in transit with payment on delivery.

I will buy your used machine working or not!

I also offer part exchange! Trade in your old ball machine for a newer better model!

Give me a call now 07890 290528 and I will give you a fair price and collect with cash or arrange a collection from you!

Current machines for sale: More machines in the workshop!

DK Sport made to our own specification! NEW!

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This ball machine has been made to our own specifications and has the following features: Compact size (half the size of a Tutor Plus/Lobster) Light to handle as the battery pack is external! Charging is easy, just take the battery pack into the house to charge, no need to take the whole machine. All the main controls are powered by the remote control, no need to bend down to change them on the machine. Fully featured including, top spin and back spin, good ball speeds to 70mph, internal oscillation (you can’t see where the ball is going to fire) manual elevation, variable fixed point hitting, choose your point of fire! Best thing is: three types of power, mains, internal battery or external battery pack – Brilliant! This is a fantastic fully featured ball machine and a great price! 12 month warranty included, multi function remote control, 150 ball holder, 3 hours battery pack or mains all day play. New price £1899 Our price £1499! Interested? Can Nick 07890 290528.

Price £1499!


Tennis Tutor Plus Player – Just in!

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Tennis Tutor Plus Player model – Demo machine so new just been on display. Amazing range of features including options two button remote control, heavy top spin and back spin, player modes please against a beginner, intermediate and advanced player! Oscillation both wide, narrow and random. High ball speeds up to 85 mph, smart charger included, instructions and a 12 month warranty. New price of this machine is £2200 Our price £1899! Interested? Call Nick 07890 290528.

Price £1899!

Lobster Grand 4 – SOLD!

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Lobster Grand 4, Demo machine that has been on display. As new and a brand new battery fitted just to make sure its 100% Fantastic machine with an amazing range of features, including: Pre-loaded drills, play against a Power baseliner, All courter, Grinder, Moonballer, Slicer and a Lefty. In addition to those you also get oscillation both horizontal, vertical, fully random and two line narrow, medium and wide! Heavy top spin and back spin, Ball speeds to 85 mph, bigger battery for 3/4 hours play. Comes with smart charger, instruction and our 12 month warranty. The new price for this machine is £2495! Our price £2150! Interested call Nick 07890 290528.


Tennis Tutor Model 3 Mains – Just in!

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Tennis Tutor Model 3 Mains,  rare machine in used condition so expect some marks and scratches but fully serviced and working fine. This is quite a rare machine 95% of machines are battery operated so to have a small portable machine that runs from the mains is quite rare! Features include, electronic elevation, bigger motors for good ball speeds (65mph) variable ball feed, random oscillation and option remote control, all day play mains operated! Comes with our 3 month warranty and instructions. The new price of this machine is £1299 Our price £799! Interested? Call Nick 07890 290528.

Price £799!

Lobster Grand 5 Limited Edition – JUST IN!

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Lobster Grand IV LE, Demo machine in little used condition, used on court for an hour. Battery replaced as a matter or course. This machine is the BEST portable machine on the market and has LOADS of features. Everything and more, programme drills, custom profiles, player modes, very heavy top spin, back spin, high balls speeds, 4 hours play time, match play simulation. Also play against many different player profiles, Lefty, grinder, moonballer etc etc! This machine is a 2018 model so the latest slimline multifunction remote control, intelligent charger, instructions and our 12 month warranty. New price of this machine is £3550! Our price £2750! Interested? Call Nick 07890 290528


Tennis Tutor Plus – JUST IN!

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Tennis Tutor Plus Mains! Demo machine pretty much as new, very rare mains only Tutor Plus. These are special order only so not easily available! Great machine usual nice features of Tutor Plus, these include: High ball speeds up to 85mph, heavy top spin and back spin, random oscillation, electronic elevation. Much lighter than the battery version so easy to carry and move and all day play as its mains only and less to go wrong, no batteries to charge etc. Great machine hard to get! 12 month warranty! New price of this machine is £1499! Our price £1299! Interested? Call Nick 07890 290528


Tennis Tutor Plus Player 

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Tennis Tutor Plus Player model – Used machine in excellent condition. Huge range of features including optional two button remote control, player profiles, beginner, intermediate and advanced players, choose your opponent! Heavy top spin and slice, Oscillation both wide, narrow and random. High ball speeds to 85 mph, smart charger included along with instructions and our 3 month warranty. New price of this machine is £2200 Our price £1799! Interested? Call Nick – 07890 290528 



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Tomohopper – A new fun way of collecting your tennis balls! This is a demo machine that has been used but still in excellent condition. It has a unique way of collecting up the balls, simply push the machine, which is very easy with its large wheels and the internal collector feeds them into the basket! You can then tip the balls into your ball machine or attach them to the handle to pick out and play with. Kids love it, its easy to use and light as well. Collapses down for easy transportation and being made of composite plastics does not rust. Comes with our 3 month warranty and simple on-line instructions. New price is £599 Our price £350! Interested? Call Nick – 07890 290528




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We always have good stocks of lightly used tennis balls ideal for your ball machine. All the ball machine manufactures recommend you use lightly used balls as new ones are too hard and have too much felt that then ends up inside your machine!

We also have chargers, ball hoppers and collectors (why pick them up when you can roll them up!) along with large stocks of batteries, ball machine covers and other accessories. Please call for prices! Nick 07890 290528

Note on shipping: I have always declined to charge my customers for delivery of their machines however with courier costs increasing and the cost of the special boxes and packaging we use I now have to charge £25 for delivery. This is purely for the courier charge (UPS) the boxes actually cost £15 each. I am sure you will appreciate that getting your machine delivered in perfect condition is very important, thank you.

I can delivery FREE in Kent or meet you half way if further afield if that helps.


The extended warranties are an extra 1 year and 3 years in total, a FIRST for ball machines! Ball machines are reliable but if things go wrong they can be expensive.
They include: One free service within the plan, free collection and return via courier or personal collection. All parts included, throwing wheels, batteries, any part that malfunctions. What the extended warrantee does not include: Miss-use, failure to recharge the battery, incorrect storage. Also included is a helpline to call and speak with myself or engineer about any aspect of the machine, it could be just a simple ball jam.
Prices for the extended warrantee are:
£199 for the one year warrantee £299 for the three year warrantee.

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