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The French Open is on!  Its a great time to buy a ball machine – see our special French Open reductions below!

A huge thank you to all our customers new and old who have helped us in this difficult year! Lets all look forward to a better 2021! Keep well and playing tennis!

Tennis Tutor, Lobster, Tennis Tower, Spinfire Pro 2, Spinshot Pro.

We specialise in repair, parts, batteries, servicing, new machines, used machines, demo days, help and advice.

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If you have a ball machine I have been using, selling, servicing and repairing them for over 25 years.

I offer a FREE collection and return service in Kent further afield at cost. I will also buy your used ball machine, working or not!   Call Nick 07890 290528

Please see my servicing prices below:

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NEW SERVICE!! On-site repair AND While You Wait repair service from our mobile repair department. We can come to you and service/repair your ball machine on site (depending on your location) Most issues are usually battery related, so a service and clean along with a battery change can get your ball machine up and running again without having to box it up and send it to us and get back onto court as quickly as possible! For a small extra charge. Also While You Wait repair and battery replace/test usually within 90mins! Please call to book this new service in.

Please contact me for help and advice in buying a tennis ball machine, if you are a tennis club or have your own private court I regularly demonstrate machines. Let me show you which machine would be most suitable for you and your tennis!

Why buy a used tennis ball machine?

Tennis ball machines tend to be expensive new so like buying a new car if you decide not to use after a while and then store in the garage, when you come to sell it the used value will have dropped considerably on the new price. Buying a good used machine, like my machines that have been properly serviced and with new batteries etc are much more sensible way of buying a ball machine. If after one year you decide its not for you then your loss with be minimal. In fact I have bought back quite a few machines over the years. I give a 3 month guarantee on all the used machines I sell and I offer free delivery in Kent. Contact me now – Nick 07890 290528

We will buy your used machine working or not!

We also offer part exchange! Trade in your old ball machine for a newer better model!

Give me a call now 07890 290528 and I will give you a fair price and collect with cash or arrange a collection from you! PLEASE note, we don’t charge silly delivery costs like some of our competitors! We know everything about ball machines as we use them daily for coaching!

Current machines for sale: Due to the on-going supply problems due to the virus all ball machines and parts are very hard to get hold of, new machines almost impossible!

Tennis ball machine tennis balls – In stock!

Our tennis balls are perfect for use in your tennis ball machine. They offer the best balance of softness and bounce. If you use balls that are too firm you can damage the machines throwing wheels over time and get inconsistency in ball firing. Our tennis balls are long lasting and excellent value for money! Just had delivery so be quick! Pack of 60 balls £85!  Or add a pro ball hopper/collector for only £149 with new balls included! 

CURRENT STOCK BELOW, French Open special Prices!

Lobster Grand 4 – In stock!

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Lobster Grand 4 – Demo machine in mint condition, just had new battery and full service. Huge range of features on this machine including player profiles this allows you play against a Grinder, All-Courter, Baseliner, etc etc wide, narrow and medium oscillation, full random and all court random firing, full manual mode so you can choose a hitting point. Fantastic machine with everything you would need, including a smart charger upgrade as well. 3 month UK Warranty Included! The new price of this machine is £2495, our price £2395! Interested? Call Nick 07890 290528.

French Open special Price £2195!!

Spinfire Pro 2 – In Stock!

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Spinfire Pro 2 – This is the all new 2021 model. As you can see it has been upgraded from the older model in many different ways. Spinfire have always looked to update their machines and inprove them and this 2021 model is the best yet! The machine has a better design with larger wheels for easier transportation, see through ball hopper, remote control holder, thinner more streamline deisgn. The horizontal oscillation has been improved with a random mode that selects spots to fire to rather than just sweeping from side to side, now also including this on the narrow as well as wide and medium. All the internals have been upgraded as well to add to the reliability. Only one brand new machine available fresh from Australia! 2 year UK Warranty included!         Our price £2295! Interested? Call Nick 07890 290528.

French Open special Price £2250!!

Lobster Elite 2 – In Stock!

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Lobster Elite 2 – Used machine in nice condition. The Elite 2 has some really useful features including, both vertical and horizontal oscillation. The Elite 2 has the bigger battery for around 3/4 hours play time and a brand new upgraded smart charger! Heavy top spin and back spin as standard on this machine and electronic elevation to smash levels as well. A brilliant ball machine that’s built to last! Comes with a new battery and our 3 month warranty included! The new price of this machine is £1995 Our Price £1899! Interested? call Nick 07890 290528

French Open special Price £1599!!

Tennis Tutor Player Professional In Stock! 

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Tennis Tutor Player Professional – Used machine in excellent condition! These Player machines are packed with great features, perfect for the good club player who wants to really improve their game. High balls speeds to 85 mph, heavy top spin and back spin, oscillation wide, narrow and random included, special player profiles, simply press Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced button to replicate your chosen opponent! Smart charger upgrade included and optional remote control as well! Bigger batteries for 3/4 hours play time. Pull out handle and wheels for easy portability. 3 month warranty included! The new price of this machine is £2595 Our Price £2195! Interested? Call Nick 07890 290528

French Open special Price £1850!!

Spinfire Pro 2 – IN STOCK!!

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Spinfire Pro 2 – Used machine in good condition, comes fully serviced with a new battery. Huge range of features including: Heavy top spin and back spin, oscillation vertically and horizontally, wide and narrow and “drill mode” unique feature of this machine is its internal oscillation so you cannot see where the machine will fire. Largest battery for 4 hours plus play time and smart charger included along with a 3 month warranty. New price of this machine is £2099 Our price £1899! Interested? Call Nick 07890 290528

French Open special Price £1799!!

Tennis Tutor Plus – In the workshop

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Tennis Tutor Plus Demo machine pretty much as new, This is a 2019 model with electronic display! Great machine usual nice features of Tutor Plus, these include: High ball speeds up to 85mph, heavy top spin and back spin, random oscillation, electronic elevation. 12 month warranty! New price of this machine is £1699! Our price £1399! Interested? Call Nick 07890 290528

In the workshop.


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We always have good stocks of lightly used tennis balls ideal for your ball machine. All the ball machine manufactures recommend you use lightly used balls as new ones are too hard and have too much felt that then ends up inside your machine!

I can delivery FREE in Kent or meet you half way if further afield if that helps.


The extended warranties are an extra 1 year and 3 years in total, a FIRST for ball machines! Ball machines are reliable but if things go wrong they can be expensive.
They include: One free service within the plan, free collection and return via courier or personal collection. All parts included, throwing wheels, batteries, any part that malfunctions. What the extended warrantee does not include: Miss-use, failure to recharge the battery, incorrect storage. Also included is a helpline to call and speak with myself or engineer about any aspect of the machine, it could be just a simple ball jam.
Prices for the extended warrantee are:
£199 for the one year warrantee £399 for the three year warrantee.

   Tennis Coaching Kent TN23 5WB – 07890 290528

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