I have been using and servicing tennis ball machines for over 25 years. The first machines were air powered through a long tube to create the velocity needed to fire it. Nowadays the roller system is used on every machine and is very reliable if well maintained.

Tennis wise I played and competed at county level and then went on to a tennis academy in France called Sofia Country Club, it was there that I really learned how to hit the ball. I was under the coaching of PATRICE HAGELAUER, then the French National coach. At 18 years old I was playing matches on the Satellite Circuit in Europe. Although I didn’t make it as a full time professional as I had hoped I still achieved a great deal and my coaching certificate of State Diploma┬áin the French system.

Young Woman Playing Tennis
Volley training

The coaching techniques I learned in France I still use today, teaching each player as an individual as opposed to coaching a group of players and adopting the same techniques for everyone. No two players are the same! My job is to bring out your natural game and build on your strengths.

Boris Becker is quoted as saying the “French coaching system is the best in the world, just look at all the top players they produce!”


Some of my happy tennis students:

“Nikos coached me for three years whilst I was at Kent University. My game improved massively but it was fun and well organised” Paulo C

“I am very impressed with the coaching I received from Nikos, professional, well executed and FUN!” Sarah. S

“I’m now beating the guys that used to beat me! That is why I took lessons in the first place, thanks Nikos!” Steve J



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