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Tennis coaching is a very personal skill, each and every player will hit the ball differently, look at all the professional players they all have their own style, this is the key! A good coach will nurture your individual style to progress your game, this is the French way and it is my way too.

Tony Nadal (Rafa’s Uncle) and Judy Murray (Andy’s mum) both coached their boys to world number one! How? By bringing out their natural game and allowing them to progress with their own style!! Now look at what they have achieved! I am not promising to make you a world number one but I will promise to bring out your best game. Standing at the back of a queue waiting to hit your shot will not do much to improve your tennis, analysing and perfecting your strokes will.

Individual or small group sessions work best that way I can see your game in detail and easily make adjustments to your swing and your footwork to improve your game.

I use a ball machine in a lot of my coaching (depending on your age and ability) as this allows me to see you hit the ball and watch your timing and footwork, vital in tennis. Feeding you the ball at the other end of the court and shouting out orders is an old fashioned way to coach, technology has improved tennis massively including detailed video footage and a player profile, all included in my coaching programme.

9c608a_2c2472812ed447338bb0ddbc0518ecacLessons & Group Coaching

Private Lessons

£50 per hour / £30 per ½ hour

A full hour includes player profile, find out what type of game you have, your strengths and areas you need to work on, use of my ball machine (if suitable).


£50 per hour / £30 per ½ hour

Group coaching is fun and you can improve along with your friends or regular hitting partner. Prices are for two or more people playing. Special family rate at £50 per hour with everyone playing!

Weekend Clinics Special rates!


I am able to offer you a special weekend clinic which includes 2 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday.  This is an intensive session designed to boost your game quickly! Including a full player profile and analysis.

 Pre-tournament hitting – popular!


Special 5 day pre-tournament hitting with 1 or 2 hours per day spread over 3 or 5 days in order to prepare you for an upcoming tournament. This is an intensive hitting programme designed to get you hitting at your best and to give you the confidence to play your best tennis!


I also offer a professional racket re-string service using the latest Prince Neos electronic stringing machine. I can turn around your restring usually in 24 hours. Prices start at £40 for synthetic gut, Prince and Technifibre strings are popular please let me know your preference.

Plus a good selection of new and used rackets, personalised grips, racket weighting and help and advice on your racket preferences.

Tennis coaching kent rackets

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q “Do I have to sign up for a number of lessons or a contract?”

A – No not at all, you can have lessons as frequently as you like, take breaks and just pay as you go, even just one lesson if you want to try me out! As I specialise in private coaching I am not bound by the rules of UK tennis clubs.

Q “What if I am late or cannot make the lesson”

A – Not a problem, if you are stuck in traffic or cannot make the lesson just try and let me know as soon as you can and we can re-book and arrange another time, I do not charge people for lessons that we have not done.

Q “What is the quickest way to improve my tennis”

A – Regular coaching sessions will go a long way to improving your game and my coaching techniques are aimed to get you playing your best as quickly as possible.

Q “How old can my child start playing tennis”

A – 5-8 years old is the norm and we start with using red tennis balls that are slower, softer and allow more time to hit the ball. Fun drills will make the sessions enjoyable.

Q ” I want my child to become a professional”

A – I hear this question quite a lot, there are many elements on the road to becoming a professional, hitting the ball is just one of them, I have coached people who can hit the ball as good as a pro but if all the other areas are not up to the same level then its impossible. Fitness, diet, mental strength, funding, family commitment etc etc.

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